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In house CPD for Schools

Aimed at schools with large coaching departments.

Course overview: Why send your teachers to a CPD event when you can bring the best coaches in the Sevens game to them AND have your players coached at the same time? Plus, as it’s your own private event we will design bespoke content tailored and timed precisely to the needs of your staff.

Your teachers and coaches will learn various attacking and defensive systems used at the highest level and discover how you can apply them to your teams. Find out the games and practices used by the very best coaches in the game to improve the core skills of the very best players.

Course outline: We will create a CPD session specifically to meet your needs and requirements of your staff, whether they be experienced coaches or new to sevens. The areas we cover can be discussed and agreed, and can include any element of sevens, from overall fundamentals of play, through to developing coaches to targeted specifics within the game. Below are just some of the areas that we can cover.

Sevens Fundamentals
A masterclass introduction to the fundamentals of Sevens rugby including:
Principles of play – how to attack and defend as a team and the differences between the 15 a side and the 7 a side game.
The importance of outstanding fundamental skills- what does the perfect passing, catching and tackling technique look like, how to do it and why is it so important to Sevens.
The breakdown in Sevens – appropriate techniques and decision making.

Sevens Attack
Turn your Sevens team into a try scoring machine by our attending the NG7s attack masterclass and learning how to:
Create an efficient Sevens attacking framework using width, depth and compression to manipulate defences.
Take your players attacking core skills of catching, passing and beating defenders to the next level.
Recognise the decisions making and technical work required at a Sevens attacking breakdown.
Build a powerhouse scrum and a dynamic line out and provide the platform to attack.
Understand how to attack with purpose from scrums and line outs utilising the whole pitch to maximise attacking opportunities.
Develop kick off chase and receipt techniques to maintain possession and exert pressure.
Learn cutting edge penalty moves used by international teams in the World Series.

Sevens Defence
Frustrate the opposition and shut down their attack by attending this masterclass and learning how to:
Create an efficient Sevens defensive line by understanding spacing, roles and responsibilities to stop an attack.
Take your “one on one” tackling to the next level.
Recognise the decisions making and technical work required at a Sevens defensive breakdown.
Use the scrum and line out to disrupt and steal the opposition’s ball.
Understand how to defend from scrums and line outs and how to utilise different defensive systems.
Develop kick off receipt techniques to maintain possession and exert pressure.
Learn how to defend in phase play and how to implement a devastating blitz defence.

Cost: Dependent on exact requirements and the coach delivering the session, and including coaching sessions for your players. from £300 per hour, or £1,000 for a five hour session

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We believe that Next Generation Sevens is a brilliantly simple concept.polaroid-mikefriday

We have brpolaroid-pauljohnought together the very best coaches in the game to deliver elite Rugby Sevens coaching to the next generation of Olympians.

With Rugby Sevens set to explode across the globe with it’s Olympic introduction here’s a chance for every player in the country to work with the best coaches at our regional centres.

As well as elite coaching every player will leave our courses with their core skills and conditioning tested to the limit having gained an understanding of the demands needed to be the very best and what it takes to get there.polaroid-jamesrodwell-

Every player from every club in every region is invited to get involved. You don’t need to be an elite age player to join but will need the desire to work hard and be cpolaroid-grahamshielhallenged.

The development model is a four year ongoing spiral of developing technical core skills to the highest level providing the foundation on which advanced tactical understanding and elite performance can be built.

The first Sevens Foundation Course takes place on Wednesday 18th February at Blackheath - for more download-buttoninformation download the course brochure .