Position Specific Coaching

position specific coaching

Position Specific Coaching

With each position in rugby sevens there are unique challenges and skills required. Our position specific coaching sessions are designed individually, by coaches and players who have played in that exact position on the world stage. The aim of these sessions is to develop the key fundamentals – and pass on the knowledge and experience and the little subtle hints and tips.

The sessions are created to focus on a player within their role, and are perfect for players learning the game, increasing their flexibility in a second position, or for players establishing themselves in a new role. The coaching looks at not only the key skills required to be successful as an individual, but also the coaching of the position within the team.

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We believe that Next Generation Sevens is a brilliantly simple concept.polaroid-mikefriday

We have brpolaroid-pauljohnought together the very best coaches in the game to deliver elite Rugby Sevens coaching to the next generation of Olympians.

With Rugby Sevens set to explode across the globe with it’s Olympic introduction here’s a chance for every player in the country to work with the best coaches at our regional centres.

As well as elite coaching every player will leave our courses with their core skills and conditioning tested to the limit having gained an understanding of the demands needed to be the very best and what it takes to get there.polaroid-jamesrodwell-

Every player from every club in every region is invited to get involved. You don’t need to be an elite age player to join but will need the desire to work hard and be cpolaroid-grahamshielhallenged.

The development model is a four year ongoing spiral of developing technical core skills to the highest level providing the foundation on which advanced tactical understanding and elite performance can be built.

The first Sevens Foundation Course takes place on Wednesday 18th February at Blackheath - for more download-buttoninformation download the course brochure .